Mountain Lion Fighting On the Ledge Of A Huge Boulder Pile.
Mountain Lion Hissing In The Rocks.
Mountain Lion Bayed On A Bluff.
Good hounds at work on this cougar nicknamed Jumper.
Dog bites cougar while treed on a mountain lion hunt.
Cougar tries to sleep while on a mountain lion hunt.
Mountain Lion shows off it's cobra moves on a guided cougar hunt.
Mountain Lion climbs a rock slide on mountain lion hunt.
Check out this nice big 148 pound Tom!
Hounds Treeing A Nice Tom
Check out this mountain lion hiding in the rocks.
Mountain Lion caught with hunting dogs off of a calf kill.
Guided only mountain lion hunts meaning I meet you in the morning and take you hunting.  You provide your own transportation to the meet up spot, food, and lodging accomodations or camping set up.  I can help you locate a good camp spot convenient to the the hunting area or motel.
  • 3 Days Any Legal Lion $3500
  • 5 Days Any Legal Lion $5500
  • 5 Days Tom Only $7500
  • 5 Days AZ Record Book Tom Only $9000

Outfitted hunting packages include lodging, meals, and transportation.  We are only offering complete outfitted packages for our Tom Only hunt packages.

  • 5 Days Tom Only $8500
  • 5 Days AZ Record Book Tom Only $10,000

We also offer bear hunts in August only.  No dogs are used.  This is a spot and stalk hunt only.

  • 5 Days Bear Hunt Guided Only $3500
  • 5 Days Completely Outfitted Only $4500